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Ebook versions of the INK IS MY BLOOD COLLECTION

INK IS MY BLOOD is a collection of currently four books with more than 520 drawings by Apollonia Saintclair celebrating love, desire and sexuality.

INK IS MY BLOOD started 2017 and has gradually become a series, in which you literally leaf through, drawing after drawing, desire after desire. One page leads to the next, an idea generates the next, an image spawns another. Calls, echoes, flashbacks, it is a form of subliminal continuity that these pages offer you, a mirror of Apollonia's way of working.

The four available Volumes cover the major part of Apollonia's work between 2012 & 2018 and are enriched with texts and essays by Erika Lust, Anne Hautecoeur, Evelyn Wang, Adeline Wessang, Dimitris Karathanos, Thomas Selzam and Jehnny Beth.

Further two Volumes are scheduled for publication in Fall 2021 and Fall 2022.

PDF, 150 pages
Texts both in English and French.

* EBOOK Volume One
* EBOOK Volume Two
* EBOOK Volume Three
* EBOOK Volume Four
* EBOOK COLLECTION ebook of all 4 Volumes

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