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Ebook version of Volume One

PDF, 150 pages
Texts both in English and French.

Delivery due in 3-5 days per download link
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This collection with more than one hundred and twenty drawings is the first volume in a series of three planed books that brings together the major part of my graphic work to this day. Volume Two and Three are scheduled for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

Since the very beginning of this project, I also wanted to invite authors whom I have discovered in recent years and whose work I particularly appreciate in sharing their views on my drawings. This is why I am very happy and honoured that Erika Lust accepted my invitation to write the introduction and that Evelyn Wang, Adeline Wessang & Thomas Selzam were so kind to participate with their words in this adventure.

More about the making of Ink is my Blood - Volume One: